Turn your customers into superfans

Drive repeat orders with content created by your customers

Getting your customers to share their experience on TikTok and IG is the best marketing you can ask for.

This is why you need content from your customers.

Grow your brand

Content from your customers is more authentic, trustworthy, and less time consuming to make.

Lower your marketing costs

Referrals and UGC deliver a higher ROI while keeping your marketing costs low.

Drive repeat orders

New and existing customers see your products helping you stay top of mind and drive repeat orders.

Here's how everything works

Incentivize and reward your customers for sharing their experience.

Invite your customers

Share your sign up page with customers so they can start earning rewards.

Access your TikTok and IG content in one place

Download and access content created by your customers all-in-one place.

Issue rewards instantly

Your customers will receive store credit towards their next order as soon as their content is approved.
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Have a question?
We're here to help.

How are rewards redeemed?
Customers receive an email or text message containing their reward in the form of in store credit, cashback, or an exclusive offer.
How does it work?
Connect your Instagram and/or TikTok account and share your customer sign up page. Customer rewards are sent via Text or email as soon as their content is approved.
What if UGC from a customer isn't approved?
Customers that submit UGC that isn't approved earn points that can be used towards future purchases. This prevents negative reviews and unhappy customers.
Do I have usage rights to a customers content?
You have usage rights for every post you're mentioned in where the customer agrees to receiving a reward.
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